Current version 3.35, 2021

A complex trainer of speed reading, memory, attention and intelligence



Intended to develop of speed reading skills and basic intellectual skills without the assistance of specialists in this area, and without the use of additional specialist literature.


Provides continuous training process with the collection and analysis statistics of training, accompanied by tips and recommendations for optimization efforts in achieving the objectives.


Includes more than 100 multi-level exercises in the game form on brain training, and 5 methods of speed reading training with the possibility of adjusting their intensity.


Realizes well-known and a range of new techniques training of brain and speed reading.


Key features


Speed reading training

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  • Acceleration and deceleration of reading speed
  • Deviations of reading speed
  • Combined training with the acceleration and deviation the speed of reading
  • Rhythmic reading with a metronome
  • Reading text by whole blocks
  • Auto tuning of reading speed
  • Reduction of articulation
  • Expansion of the field of vision
  • Focusing on the central point

Brain training

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Includes over 100 exercises in the game form:

  • Memory training
  • Attention training
  • Logical thinking training
  • Arithmetical abilities training
  • Intuition training
  • Training on extension of the field of vision
  • Training of capacity to choose the key information
  • The exercises on brain complement the training of the speed-reading skills

Note: The exercises on the brain training complement the training of speed reading skills

Statistics in a tabular format

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The Standard version includes 9 parameters for each text, and 12 for each exercise. Key:

  • Average speed of reading text / decision-making in exercises
  • Reading / decision-making rhythmicity
  • Average field of vision size
  • Duration of performing
  • Performing level

Statistics in a graphical form

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In the Professional version 45 charts and 60 parameters for each text and exercises. Key:

  • Average speed of reading text / decision-making in exercises
  • Reading / decision-making rhythmicity
  • Field of vision size
  • Number of words was read / figures was analyzed
  • Number of advanced regression / error
  • Percentage of read / covered
  • Duration of performing
  • Performing level

Reading eBooks

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Main features of the eBooks:

  • Autotuning of parameters auto turn pages
  • Supported formats *.txt and *.fb2
  • Reading from archives *.rar and *.zip
  • Intelligent formating of *.txt format
  • Change the font, the proportions and dimensions of the book
  • Opening several files of different types at once
  • Automatically create and save a file from the clipboard
  • Saving copies of read books in the archive directory
  • Collecting and displaying detailed reading statistics

Personal coach

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Includes more than 25 interactive pages that allow:

  • Set goals and the importance of their achievements
  • Set the degree of achievement of the goals
  • Set a limit of exercise time in a day
  • Creating optimal list of exercises on the day
  • Adjusting the intensity of the speed reading training
  • To generalize the results of training
  • Predict the time before control testing
  • Periodically control and make up a detailed report of achievements

Achievements growth chart

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Shows evaluate the effectiveness of trainings by 7 parameters:

  • Reading speed / decision-making in exercises on brain training
  • reading / decision-making rhythm
  • Field of vision size in during the reading / decision-making in the exercises
  • Number of regressions made during read / error during performing of exercises
  • Number of reading words / decisions making
  • Level of performing training in exercises
  • Duration of speed reading training/ brain training

User rating online

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In aggregate, each user account describes about 50 parameters in 5 tables:

Look what kind of results and you can achieve and no registration is required!

Unique Features of the trainer:

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Parallel brain and speed reading training

Was created a unified working field, imitating the natural coverage of human vision, where exercises on the brain training complemented the speed reading training. It`s exercises for development of short-term memory, attention, observation and extending the field of vision.

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Setting of the acceleration, deviation and rhythm of speed auto turning pages

The effect of training reading with the acceleration and deviation similar to the effect of wind sprint training. The main purpose of these exercises - the smooth suppression of articulation. In the 'Coacher' mode 5 preset workout techniques of fast reading skills, but you can come up with their own methods, settings allow do this.

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Continuity of load on the brain during exercise.

Exercises to train the brain and their control system are constructed in such a way that after the decision, it is required to take the next, not giving the brain to relax and unwind. As in the gym, where the golden rule of effective training: 'The muscle should receive continuous and rhythmic load from the beginning to the end of the approach'.

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Intelligent subsystem for collecting statistics

So, for example, do not take into account the accidentally pressed, pause, unnaturally fast and slow pages turnings. Are recorded even such parameters as reading rhythm and decision-making.

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Separation on test and loaded exercises

To attain maximize result validity, exercise in the trainer are divided on tests, which assesses the growth of ability, and loads, which actually provide skills development. Total was developed more than 100 exercises that develop memory, attention, logical and arithmetic abilities and even intuition.

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Trainings to increase the field of vision

The control system and exercises of the brain training are designed so that you are forced to focus on the central point at the time decision making, covering a key elements by the peripheral vision, expanding the field of view is much more effective than Schulte tables.

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Packed text in the field of vision

It allows you to maximize the rhythm and, as a consequence - improve reading speed. This arrangement of the text seems to be unusual, but not an inconvenience after a short training.

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Noising figures

All the exercises, starting from the 3rd level, contains a nosing figures, providing training of the selectivity at handling of large amounts of information. The number and variety of figures rising from level to level.

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Changing a working area proportions and all of its elements

You will be comfortable working at any display resolution.

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Trainer for eyes

Prolonged use of the trainer in speed reading mode can lead to eye fatigue. To reduce the burden on the eyes, the field of vision freely moving along the working field after each paging in a special mode. You, without interrupting trainings, simultaneously perform exercises for the eyes.

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Forecast time to achieve the goals

Depending on the selected goals PerfectBrain predicts the time required to achieve the first results.

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Forecast time reading the book

PerfectBrain has a very high degree of validity of the collected training statistics. According to the test results we can with high probability to predict the time reading each book.

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Intellectual formatting TXT

Quite often, TXT format files are inconvenient to read. PerfectBrain:
- reinterprets paragraphs,
- highlighting in bold of headers,
- reformats of indentions.
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Automatic generation the table of contents for books TXT format

The headings of the text file are analyzed and on the results of the analysis formed the contents of the book with the easy navigation.

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Two variants of the working field:

Rectangular - familiar and oval, echoing the natural scope of the field of vision.

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Recognition of different text encodings

PerfectBrain supports recognition of several dozen encodings. On the screen, you will always see clear text.
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Floating frequency of the metronome

The metronome is necessary to achieve the maximum rhythm of reading / decision making. The frequency of the metronome depends on the speed of reading / decision making and is automatically included at the beginning of the workout.

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Musical accompaniment of the main events

Musical accompaniment works in the course of training, by the results of their implementation and in the case of achieving the goal. If necessary, it can be disabled.

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The unified interface

We have tried to create the most simple and intuitive interface for our product. It is unified for speed reading and brain training. For example, understanding interface of reading statistics, you will easily understand the statistics of brain trainings.

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Two animated and three a static concentration point of attention

Two animated and three a static concentration point of attention is allowed you to train so-called 'block reading', when the text is shown whole blocks, which is natural for a quick read.

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Unified control system

Allows you without first learning immediately start training. Those who played computer games quickly master the trainer control.

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Support for up to 5 users

Practice the whole family and share the results!

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Use the gamepad - train effectively!

It has been experimentally established that after a certain degree of training, the keyboard is a kind of a brake in the development of skills. It was decided to connect the gamepad to improve the effectiveness of training.

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Ability to store data in the cloud

You can work on different computers from anywhere in the world. Your data will always available and never lost.


That as a result


For 2 weeks trial period at weak train intensity

By 20-30 minutes in a day and 2-3 skipping of trains, you can achieve the following results for 3-stated goals:
1. Speed reading: 20-50%
2. Attention: 30-50%
3. Memory: 30-70%

For 2 weeks trial period at average train intensity

By 30-50 minutes in a day and 1-2 skipping of trains, you can achieve the following results for 3-stated goals:
1. Speed reading: 30-50%
2. Attention: 50-70%
3. Memory: 30-70%

For 2 weeks trial period at maximum train intensity

But we do not write about the achievements at a maximum train intensity, as Our users continually set new records.
1. Speed reading: ???
2. Attention: ???
3. Memory: 30-70%

A few tips:


Decide on the training goals

Select the "Personal trainer" and follow the instructions

At the begining will be better development of 2-3 skills at one time

The optimal training time from 30 minutes to 1.5 hours per day

Train intensively

Skills necessary to fix